Don’t Over-Complicate Your SEO Approach

Our approach to SEO is simple by design. As search engines get more sophisticated, it is perpetually more important to have an organized & executable approach to achieving top rankings.

Our Core SEO Approach:

  • Keyword Opportunity Identification
  • On-page Optimization & Plugin Installation
  • Content Curation & Optimization
  • Automated Internal and External Linking Strategies

Links Managed Daily

Tasks Completed Daily

Automated site monitoring:

• Automatic site “uptime” monitoring
• Automatic site monitoring for malware
• Automatic search engine “ping” notification and confirmation
• Automatic search engine index monitoring
• Automatic duplicate content checking
• Automatic XML sitemap created after all site modifications or content updates
• Automatic inbound One Way linking is done for those that choose to increase link power or link juice.





When you sign up, we get to work!

  1. We will send a welcome email and call you within 1 business day to kickoff your campaign.
  2. During this welcome call, we will review and confirm your keyword selections after a thorough consultation.
  3. We will review any potential issues that we may need to correct with your website. (internally or externally)
  4. We can install the plugin for you or you can do this yourself. Installing the plugin is not required but recommended for best results.
  5. You will receive login credentials to your SEO Dashboard which includes Link & Content Management Modules along with SEO Analytics & Reporting built in.
  6. Relevant links will automatically be built to your website from other real businesses in our network just like yours.
  7. All new content for your keywords and blog posts will be automatically submitted to the search engines for quick indexing.
  8. On-Page optimization is done automatically for each of the keywords you add through The SEO Plugin.

Keyword Identification (1 key phrase may contain up to 5 words)

Using our powerful research tools, the team at The SEO Plugin analyzes your suggested key phrases to identify the levels of traffic and competitiveness. Based on this research you can then decide on a set of key phrases that will bring your site more conversions. Our staff will help research key phrases for relevancy and competitiveness in order to settle on a target-set that will bring in relevant and high converting traffic.

Content Article Writing for High Relevancy

Written content articles include article theme or topic, keyword phrase synonym sets, and high co-location or co-occurring keywords.

Content Optimization

Search Engines live and die by their ability to produce relevant results for their users. By employing specific guidelines they crawl through their huge databases of sites to identify the websites that are most relevant to the searcher’s key phrases. A combination of the following procedures (among others) are undertaken to help you to optimize your SEO Plugin content pages.

Skilled SEO content writers at The SEO Plugin will optimize your website content by first determining the most appropriate website topics. Website topics are decided by your Primary Value Proposition or PVP. Each topic is then analyzed for theme defining keywords.

There are several factors that are considered in selecting theme defining keywords such as “most searched”, “CPC”, number of “true competitors”, number of “SERPS” and more.

Keyword defining themes are combined with high co-occurring relevant keywords. These keywords or what we call “keyword clusters” are then organized in a silo style format (Optional feature). The structured keyword silo has been proven to be an effective way to achieve high search engine keyword relevancy scores. This approach to structuring website content coupled with The SEO Plugin’s automatic internal and external link building results in very high search engine ranking positions 9 times out of 10.

Page and Link Theme Mirroring

Site keyword relevancy is weighted higher now than in the past because of the manipulative practice of “link farming.” Search engines have incorporated new algorithms including filters to defeat this practice. The SEO Plugin’s automatic naming of page titles, page headers, alt tags, and link anchor texts within your website using theme defining, co-location keywords increases keyword relevancy and authority. Your site will rank higher with fewer backlinks because of the higher keyword relevancy scores on the domains linking to you.

Inbound Links

All links we build are relevant across the entire “Link-Chain”. Additionally, we give the search engine spiders as many ways of reaching your target page as possible.



We are a company that pays attention to detail. We have found that in most cases, the nuances can make the real difference in how well keywords rank. That is why we go the extra mile by focusing on the core tasks and integrating them into The SEO Plugin.